Jorge Manrubia

Jorge Manrubia

Programmer, SIP

A programmer who loves learning and building things.

Pending tests

I rarely write my tests first or use them to help design my code.

Active Record, nice and blended

Active Record restates the traditional question of how to separate persistence from domain logic: what if you don’t have to?

Compared to what?

When discussing software design techniques, actual code should be a mandatory ingredient.

Vanilla Rails is plenty

A common critique of Rails is that it encourages a poor separation of concerns. That when things get serious, you need an alternative that brings the missing pieces. We disagree.

Good concerns

We love concerns and have been using them for years in large codebases. Here we share some of the design principles we use.

Fractal journeys

Good code is a fractal: you observe the same qualities repeated at different levels of abstraction.

Domain driven boldness

How to create a good domain model is the subject of many books, but here’s a lesson I learned at 37signals: don’t be aseptic, double down on boldness.