Demo of page refreshes with morphing

Demo of page refreshes with morphing

How page refreshes work, and how they compare to stream actions.

We published a demo showing how Page Refreshes with morphing work in Turbo 8:

Comparing code helps a lot in software discussions, so I thought it would be valuable to show how the new feature compares to Turbo stream actions for performing partial updates and broadcasts. Notice that page refreshes don’t deprecate stream actions — which remain Turbo’s most responsive mechanism, but they should reduce the need to use those. And this is a good thing because stream actions are costly.

There is a companion GitHub repository for the demo you can check:

Last week, we released the first beta of Turbo 8 featuring this new system. We want to make this robust, so please give it a try and report issues away.

You can learn more about the new feature in the announcement post. We will document the new system in the official docs soon.