Announcing Strada

Announcing Strada

Open sourcing a new member of the Hotwire family.

I’m happy to announce the official launch of Strada, the long-awaited member of the Hotwire family. Strada enables you to create fully native controls in your hybrid mobile apps, driven by the web. Build web components and native components that work together in WebView screens to elevate your Turbo Native apps to the next level.

We’ve been using Strada to build the HEY mobile apps for the past 3 years and it’s made a huge difference in the level of refinement that we’ve been able to deliver in our iOS and Android apps. It’s the bridge between native controls and your web app.

We’re excited to share this latest open source project with you and we’ve provided thorough documentation, installation instructions, demo examples, and reference guides to help you get started. You can read all the details on Be sure to check out all the individual GitHub repos where you can browse the source code, submit issues, and create pull requests.

Library repos

Demo repos

Website repo

Strada enables you to build Turbo Native apps with native controls and higher fidelity than was previously possible. Give it a try and I’m looking forward to your feedback and contributions!