A week in the life of a product designer

A week in the life of a product designer

An inside look at the work we do (during cooldown).

Here’s what I got up to on week 2 of the Cycle 5 cooldown.

I worked on bits of design, code, copy, accessibility, and jumped around different projects. I shipped cycle work, fixed bugs, and picked up a couple quick wins in Basecamp and HEY.

Apps and tools:

  • Basecamp: for project management and internal communication
  • Figma: for quick mocks, storing screenshots, and cropping images
  • Visual Studio Code: code editor
  • GitHub: code repository and where we discuss pull requests
  • Twitter: for announcing new features in @heyhey
  • Zoom: for video calls (total of 4 this week)

Some Basecamp features you’ll see in the video:

  • The Lineup
  • Automatic Check-ins
    • What did you do this weekend?
    • What will you be working on this week?
    • What have you worked on?
  • Card Tables for QA, bugs, and quick wins
  • Message Boards for internal announcements
  • Pings… and more.

Hope this insight was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.